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Handicare Single Rail - Freelift

  The Handicare Single Rail Curve Stairlift has been developed keeping your highest standards in mind. The Freelift is custom made for your staircase and can be made to go multiple floors. This advanced system has vistually endless features and can be customized using our Photo 3D survey system right in your home before you order. Not only is the small rail one of a kind but you can also choose from a selection of colors or match any custom color you desire!

  The Handicare Freelift curve seat has vast selection of style choices as well. The Classic, Elegance and Alliance seats also come with color choices to further customize your lift. The Freelift also has power and automatic options to help you even more!

The options and customization of the Freelift makes it the perfect curve stairlift for any home.


Choose your most convenient seat

The best-selling Classic seat has an attractive leathergrain effect finish. Made from durable, non-slip polyurethane, it is hardwearing and easy to keep clean.


The Elegance seat is lightly padded and offers a harmonious combination of stylish design and sophisticated comforts.


The faux-leather upholstery combined with the wooden framing give the Alliance seat it’s luxurious and stylish look. Truly a seat that matches every interior


Safety as a standard

  All stairlifts have safety sensors on the power pack and footplate. These rapid response safety sensors stop the stairlift if it meets with an obstruction during travel. Once stopped, it can only be moved in the opposite direction of the obstruction. After the obstruction is removed the stairlift can continue on it's journey.

  Your stairlift will also come with a seat belt as standard for additional peace of mind. Also, all Handicare stairlifts have an easily accessible key switch that allows you to disable the lift and prevent unauthorized use. You do not need to worry about unsupervised children playing with your stairlift

Functions and Upgrades


The VoiceConnect option allows you to call three different telephone numbers from your stairlift. If you are feeling unwell while you are sitting on your stairlift for instance, you can call one of the preprogrammed telephone numbers at just the press of a button. If the first person answers, you can talk to him or her immediately. If nobody answers, the next number will be called automatically.

VoiceConnect’s benefits

  • You can speak to people you have chosen yourself, not somebody sitting in a call center.
  • There are none of the monthly costs involved with a personal alarm.
  • If something happens, you are never on your own.

Powered and illuminated footplate

Thanks to the powered and illuminated footplate, you no longer have to bend down to fold up the footplate. At the press of a button, the footplate automatically folds up or down while you are sitting on the seat! The footplate is also illuminated when it is folded down, which makes it easy to see in the dark. This means there is no danger of others tripping over the footplate when it is dark.
 The powered and illuminated footplate is available for the Alliance, Elegance and Classic seats.

Turn and Go for very narrow curved staircases

Turn and Go has been specially developed to help those customers who have a very narrow staircase that turns corners. Once seated your seat will turn automatically so that your back faces the stairs, not the wall or handrail, during travel and thereby move your knees away from clashes with the wall or banister. It can also be used to help clients who have difficulty bending their knees to fit into the available stair width and is compatible with the Handicare Van Gogh or Rembrandt so long as there is room on the top landing to turn and park the seat.

Swivel function

Handicare supplies all seats with a manual swivel function as standard. The swivel function allows the seat to be rotated to face the landing, making it easier to get on and off. Both the Classic and the Elegance seats can have auto-swivel functions as an optional extra.

Fold away

All seats come with foldable footplate, seat and armrests so your seat can be fold up thereby giving other stair users more room when the stairlift is not in use. If you choose the powered footplate option it will remove the need for you to bend down to fold or unfold the footplate.

Range of track configurations

 Handicare stairlifts can be fitted with a range of track configurations upstairs and downstairs. These include a parking curve so that the seat can be parked away from the end of the track, and a hinged track that extends when you go downstairs, and folds up when you are finished, allowing any doors at the base of the staircase to be used as normal.

Easy to use

  The lift has a joystick that lets you move and stop as you wish. The lift stops automatically at the top and bottom of the stairs, where remote controls are installed, allowing you to summon or send away the lift as required.

  The armrest incorporates an LED diagnostic system, which helps us to identify minor problems remotely and often to suggest solutions over the phone.

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